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Jessica Schultz's Sponsors
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Antares Saddlery


Jessica has been partnered with Antares Saddlery for a few years now and according to Jessica:


"I honestly don't want to ride in anything else. The saddles are incredibly well constructed with not only the rider in mind but the horse as well.  My position is secure, and I am able to work the horse through aids that aren't hindered by tack that is uncomfortable or positions me in a way I am struggling for balance. The horses move freely and comfortably and are also not hindered by tack to do their job.  The reps I have worked with are knowledgeable and professional in helping our needs. I always recommend Antares to students and clients!"

Visit The Antares Saddlery Website

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Banks Mill Feeds


According to Jessica, she swore she would never switch feeds as she "was pretty happy with what I was feeding prior to partnering with Banks Mill Feeds.  I opted to give it a chance, and have been nothing but satisfied with the results from the feed! There is a lot of positive benefits from a local mill that can deliver fresh feed, evident even by the fresh smell of the grain. From the babies to the UL competitors, the horses have their needs met, with shiny coats, great weight, and strong performances.  We love Banks Mill at FPE!"

Visit the Banks Mill Feeds Website


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